Watercolor Sketching: Color + Composition


Two of the most exciting aspects of painting are color and composition!  We will take a deep dive into both of these painting fundamentals with the help of the great Masters: Edgar Payne and Claude Monet. One of the tried and true methods of art training is to create your own versions of the work of the Old Masters. You already have the subject and format worked out for you. Through copying paintings, you’ll develop a bank of knowledge about color and composition that you can use in your own drawing and sketching practice.

During this online workshop with over 9 hours of video and a 69 page illustrated study guide, I first take you through some history of our masters and break down some of my favorite works.

Then we’ll make a handy color chart to help us out and learn about mixing grays. We’ll practice some easy techniques including dropping color, broken color, using granulation and glazing. Finally, we’ll study composition so we can bring life to our studies.

Now we dig into our projects and complete multiple small studies to give us lots of opportunities to apply the principles of color and composition in depth. By the end of the workshop, you’ll have painted 26 masterpieces!

Watercolor Sketching: Color + Composition

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