Watercolor Sketching


Have you secretly always wanted to be an artist or just want to know what it would be like to draw and paint? Have you always had a yearning to express yourself artistically but maybe you had a high school teacher tell you that you just weren’t cut out to be an artist. Maybe you thought it wasn’t very practical or a good use of your time. Maybe you do some drawing and painting but  have always admired artists who keep daily sketchbooks.  I designed this watercolor sketching workshop just for you. I’ll show you that anyone can get jump in with simple materials, basic techniques and a little encouragement to keep it up.

I wanted to bring this workshop to everyone because I feel most balanced when I’m drawing and painting. When I’m drawing; the quiet observation is the easiest way for me to quiet my mind of all distractions.  It’s a place that I can practice letting go of perfectionism, worry, fear, guilt. I can push boundaries in a safe unthreatening spot. The pages aren’t really meant to be finished. So it’s a small commitment and it’s private if I want it to be or I can be the Johnny Appleseed of sketchbooks or I can snap it shut, so no one can see it.

There are plenty of reasons for taking up the sketchbook habit including recording your day, getting better at drawing. Lofty ideas like leaving a legacy. But for me it’s simple; helps me to be a better artist and a more balanced person. drawing. more integral to a larger art practice, things like:

Making small commitments

Pushing creative boundaries

Embracing the rawness of something quick and unfinished

Let go of perfectionism, worry, fear, guilt self-doubt

I wanted this workshop to be super easy for you to get started with, so we are going to use just a few simple tools and materials most of which might have already!

Watercolor Sketching

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