Introducing Seasons in Acrylic

An Online Course
with Marla Baggetta

Acrylic Painting and the seasons! What an exciting combination! The versatility of the medium gives us the ability to capture the transitory effects of landscape in all four seasons! We’ll follow the cycles of nature and give expression to emotions and feelings while respecting the principles we need to create a work of art.

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Our 80+ page detailed coursework presents you with an illustrated guide to materials, theory and wisdom from an expert instructor and professional artist covering everything you need to get started with Seasons in Acrylic. Divided into 8 highly structured chapters, Marla will guide you through all of the necessary groundwork, reinforced with exciting exercises and step-by-step demonstrations, providing you a roadmap to becoming an accomplished painter.

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Course Contents

Each chapter focuses on a fundamental of painting

Chapter 1:

I’m a big believer in mileage; the more you paint the better you get. However, that mileage has to be intentional. You can’t just stab away at it aimlessly and hope to improve. Acrylic paint and supplies are expensive, even when you start with student grade materials. Along with this there are wide differences in the quality of the materials on the market. Fact: your results are going to be affected by the quality of the materials you choose. If you start with very inferior materials you are going to struggle more. You have to weigh this with whether materials costs become a barrier that keeps you from painting at all. I suggest buying fewer brushes and using a limited palette to start if the expense is an issue. It’s ok to paint on cardboard if you have to!

Chapter 2:
Getting Started

Acrylic has unique properties that make it possible to create many useful and interesting effects. It dries quickly and permanently, allowing multiple layers in a single sitting. It doesn’t require any special chemicals to dilute; just water making it odorless and very safe to use. There are a wide variety of products that can make the paint even more flexible. Your imagination is the limit with this dynamic painting medium. We will just scratch the surface of the possibilities, so I highly encourage you to do your own exploration during and after the workshop! In this chapter, I’ll introduce the basic techniques that you’ll want to have at your disposal

Chapter 3:
Planning Your Approach

Certainty is the enemy of creativity, however, a process that you can rely on and have faith in to create your work is something that every artist wants. Not every painting is going to be successful nor should they be! That would be boring and diminish the joy and wonder of the great ones. You have to come to the point where you are embracing the process not the product! Consistency is not the same as perfection, now is it? We should aim for consistency. Along with consistency, aim to improve. Improvement means pushing oneself forward, so that means hitting troubled waters every now and again. Yes, there will be bad paintings along the way. These must be embraced as well.

Chapter 4:
Composition Basics

There are plenty of theories and ideas about composition but there is no mystique about composition – the word simply means organizing all the parts of a painting into a pleasing whole and the chances are that you’ll do this unconsciously just like you decide on what clothes to wear or how to arrange your furniture. There are agreed-upon elements of art and principles of design that we can rely on, so we will start there as a foundation.

Chapter 5:
Orchestrating Color

All color is relative to its neighbor. When we are painting we’re building color relationships. You can’t determine a color’s impact unless you look at the colors that surround it. Color is only vibrant in relation to something more neutral. Compare and contrast colors. Experiment with how colors look when placed next to colors that are darker, lighter, duller or brighter. The more you experiment, the more sensitive you become. For an in-depth study of color theory, check out one of the books I suggest at the end of the study guide.

Chapter 6:

Whenever I’m working on a new subject or genre, I have to dig a little deeper into the well!. For me, that means studying painters that were successful at that subject. What did they do that I aspire to? It also means putting in the time to get familiar with the new genre. Usually, this means exhausting lots and lots of possibilities before I have some successes. Tropical locations are so attractive and have an alluring quality. Painting the particular character of the palms and capturing the heat of mid-day sun is especially interesting for a painter.

Chapter 7:

  As a painter matures and gains experience, finishing becomes a more natural extension of painting. First marks may be bold and energetic while the excitement is high. As a painting progresses, sometimes so does the struggle as an artist searches for the way forward. This path is sometimes clear, other times, it’s a complete mystery. Seasoned artists trust the process and listen to the whispers that are from the realms of the muse. Until this deep trust is established, the beginner must have the fortitude to carry on, bravely and persistently.

Chapter 8:

I hope after taking this workshop, you’ve found acrylics to be a joyful and satisfying painting medium! There are virtually endless possibilities to paint any subject that you can imagine with this lively and dynamic paint! Please stay in touch and share your journey with me!

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Get started mastering Acrylic Painting in this incredible Online Workshop!

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Marla isolates the complex principles of painting and investigates them practically and simply so any student can comprehend and execute even the most difficult problems. Moving from simple to more involved concepts, each lesson builds on the previous so you’ll gain a sound foundation to further your study and practice of painting.

Step by Step Guided Demonstrations

Marla guides you through the time-tested fundamentals step by step, stroke by stroke from the very beginning stages of a painting to the finish line in a logical and enjoyable path. Marla  stresses the need to develop your own judgement and individual voice as an artist.

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I was both stimulated and excited at the prospect of taking on a totally new medium. I adored the class work and the interaction with other students. I hope to take another class soon and I feel I have learned a great deal in”mark making” and with a new medium upon which to play. Thanks, Marla!

Donna, Santa Fe

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Get started mastering Seasons in Acrylic with this incredible Online Workshop!

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