Introducing Waves in Pastel

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Ocean waves are such a fun and beautiful subject to paint. The sparkling reflections of the sun, the foaming spray, the water’s transparency and the ocean’s endless dynamic display all combine to provide us with a limitless source of inspiration. Different types of waves suggest different approaches; a crashing wave may require bold, energetic strokes while a calmer, curling wave might want for more detail and blending. 

Pastels give us bold, beautiful color and allow us to create a huge variety of marks, making waves the perfect subject for pastels.
In this workshop, we will study gesture, structure, edges, reflected light and how to create color harmony with the use of broken color. By the end of the workshop, you’ll all of the tools to help you paint ocean waves in pastel with confidence.

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Our 50+ page detailed coursework presents you with an illustrated guide to materials, theory and wisdom from an expert instructor and professional artist covering everything you need to get started with waves in pastel. Divided into 10 highly structured chapters, Marla will guide you through all of the necessary groundwork, reinforced with exciting exercises and step-by-step demonstrations, providing you a roadmap to becoming an accomplished pastelist.

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Course Contents

Each chapter focuses on a Study or a Step By Step Demo

Chapter 1:
Introduction to Waves in Pastel

Different types of waves suggest different approaches; a crashing wave may require bold, energetic strokes while a more calm, curling wave might want for more detail and blending. Pastels give us bold, beautiful color and allow us to create a huge variety marks, making waves are the perfect subject for pastels.

Chapter 2:

To be able to paint more than the physical attributes of a wave and to begin to capture some of it’s magic, we also need to understand them; how they form, what reflected light is about, something about how to paint transparency etc. So, we’ll do a little study and use this in concert with our own powers of expression!

Chapter 3:
Summer Surf

We are going to start off with this amazing curling wave. Capturing the color and transparency of the water will be our main objective. Creating a variety of edges, both hard and soft will be necessary to define the spilling water, the spray and the foam.

Chapter 4:
Cresting Waves

This viewpoint lets us see the top and backside of the wave. It also shows the thickness and the gesture, making for a very interesting and unique composition. The colors are deep and rich and we’ll employ a very broad value range while keeping the hue range very narrow.

Chapter 5:
Breaking Waves

his project features the crashing waves and the rocks! The churning movement of the water around the rocks and the interesting spaces that it creates is the big challenge here. The tonal range of the piece will be broad, from the darkest darks you have in your palette to the lightest lights for the foam and spray. Keep an eye towards fresh gestural strokes to imply the movement and form of the waves. Try to express the energy of the moment where the wall of water meets the rocks.

Chapter 6:
Golden Horizon

This project highlights transparency and the curling form of a wave. The golden sky contrasting with the aqua wave gives an almost abstract feel to the composition. Let your marks be bold and direct as this is not a subtle piece of reference!

Chapter 7:

We can’t have a waves workshop without including a surfer! fascinating and thrilling to watch and to paint! This reference gives us the chance to experiment with a narrow hue range and a relatively narrow value range. Although this is a very energetic scene, we’ll use lots of soft edges to convey the spray and foam.

Chapter 8:
Coastal Wave

As waves go, this is a big one! It’s beautiful and ominous Here we’ll employ aerial perspective in the distant rock outcropping, use a variety of hard and soft edges, and include the tiny figure for scale. The explosive power of the wave is juxtaposed with the subtle shifts of color in the wave.

Chapter 9:
Sunset Wave

Waves, sunset and glistening sand! The contrast in value and the complementary colors make this such a beautiful and dynamic scene to paint! Use the ideas of broken color and energetic mark-making to convey the movement of the surf. Notice the color of the water where the sun is setting.

Chapter 10:

I hope after taking this workshop, you’ve found waves in pastel to be a joyful and satisfying theme that you can approach with confidence! There are virtually endless possibilities to paint with this awe inspiring subject. Please stay in touch and share your journey with me

Waves in Pastel!

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Get started mastering Waves in Pastel in this incredible Online Workshop!

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Marla isolates the complex principles of painting and investigates them practically and simply so any student can comprehend and execute even the most difficult problems. Moving from simple to more involved concepts, each lesson builds on the previous so you’ll gain a sound foundation to further your study and practice of painting.

Step by Step Guided Demonstrations

Marla guides you through the time-tested fundamentals step by step, stroke by stroke from the very beginning stages of a painting to the finish line in a logical and enjoyable path. Marla  stresses the need to develop your own judgement and individual voice as an artist.

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I was both stimulated and excited at the prospect of taking on a totally new medium. I adored the class work and the interaction with other students. I hope to take another class soon and I feel I have learned a great deal in”mark making” and with a new medium upon which to play. Thanks, Marla!

Donna, Santa Fe

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Get started mastering Waves in Pastel with this incredible Online Workshop!

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