An Online Pastel Workshop

Learn How To:

⦿ Choose a starter set of pastels

⦿ Set up a space to use pastels

⦿ See values in color

⦿ Select colors & understand color theory 

⦿ Pick a subject 

⦿ Use photographs to your advantage 

⦿ Create a painting step-by step from start to finish

What YOu'll


What's Included

Chapter 1 - Introduction

I’m hoping to simplify the process for you by presenting the fundamental principles behind good painting.

Chapter 2 - Equipment + Supplies

Getting prepared to paint in pastels doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Take it one step at a time.

Chapter 3 - Warming Up

Before we start with our first piece that is a simple but powerful warm up, we are going to spend a bit of time getting to know these sticks.

Chapter 4 - How to Simplify

We need to simplify! See it simply and paint it simply. Easier said than done.

Chapter 5 - Value Does the Work

The success of any painting depends on value more than any other aspect.

Chapter 6 - Color

As painters we need some kind of reliable way to talk about and work with color.

Chapter 7 - What to Paint?

To paint a thing, I have to see it with innocent eyes; eyes like a baby.

Chapter 8 - How to Use Photographs

I use photo reference all the time, so of course I believe that it’s possible to use photos effectively to make good paintings.

Chapter 9 - Self Critique

I’m hoping to simplify the process for you by presenting the fundamental principles behind good painting.

All About 

Pastels for the Serious Beginner

The fact that you’re watching this means that you are serious about becoming a good pastelist. After years of working as a professional artist and art instructor, I’ve tried to put into words and video the most important things I’ve learned about the wonderful world of pastel painting. I’m hoping to simplify the process for you by presenting the fundamental principles behind good painting, and detailing the technical information to help you create expressive and dynamic pastel paintings of any subject.

Some of what I’ll be presenting to you in this workshop are basic principles, which are important even for the very experienced painter to revisit over and over, and there are some more advanced concepts which will take time and mileage behind the easel to incorporate into your work. Be kind and patient with yourself. We start with the basics of value, color, and mark-making. Then we move towards translating a scene into a strong pictorial arrangement, a composition. We’ll discuss a little color theory, how best to use photo reference, and how to set up a still life.

I’ve organized all of these videos in a systematic way, so you can achieve the maximum benefit in your study of pastels. This is where the magic happens, a strong understanding of value, color, and composition that will provide you with the necessary tools to create art with a timeless aesthetic and appeal. This online workshop covers everything you need to know to get started: what pastels to buy, what surfaces to use, and how to set up your space. It includes a powerful warm-up exercise and step-by-step projects.

I hope you’ll join me for this study of the exciting and dynamic medium of pastel. 


What People Say

Marla has hundreds of satisfied students

“I have had people telling me that they can see a huge improvement in my art in the past year and I have you to thank for that. When I signed up for the pastel lessons I told you that I needed someone to help me to the next level. Thanks for helping me.”
"[Marla is] very attentive, to subject at hand with lots of great examples. I find Marla’s teaching approach relaxing direct and pragmatic. I like the fact, that resources are also provided in terms of books. Also, I like having a syllabus with materials and learning objectives, that were provided with my online course."
Chicago, Illinois
“Making marks, shadows, how to use the pastels to blend. Oh my gosh I could go on. Marla is thorough in explaining. In a live or online class and the critique , she understands that each person is at a different place and makes you feel comfortable where you are so she can really help you move forward on your journey.”
"I learned to be loose and expressive with my mark making. Marla's structured classes with handouts, video instruction and examples, various exercises as building blocks for the following projects, place to submit works in a student gallery and classmate critiquing all contribute to a wonderful and enjoyable way of learning."
Boise, Idaho

As featured in many art books and journals

Marla’s talent, passion and educational focus has not gone unnoticed by the art community at large. She is also a sought after speaker and educator whose number one goal is to pass on her own knowledge and practice of beauty and joy to as many people as possible, including YOU!

Meet Your Teacher

Who is Marla Baggetta?

Marla is an incredibly talented fine artist who works with galleries throughout the US. Every year she travels the globe teaching workshops, speaking at art events to inspire other painters.

Recently she launched a new website to the public with the purpose of helping thousands of struggling artists to succeed.


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