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I have been hard at work over the last several years creating painting lessons for everyone, whether you’re a beginner, amateur or professional artist. On this site you will find a wealth of resources covering a variety of media – from drawing, pastels, watercolor, acrylic paint, oil painting and more! My goal is to help you take your journey as an artist to the next level. I am always adding new content so be sure to sign up for my free minilessons and be the first to find out and also receive a free art lessons e-book as well as free videos.

Video Workshops

We offer Individual Workshop courses with community participation. Drawing, Pastels, Watercolor, Acrylic Painting, Oil Painting and more for all levels- we have something for every budding artist!


Gain access to an exclusive community dedicated to painting where you will have a chance to interact and grow in participation with group lessons with your peers.


Monthly Pastel Painting Lessons Online with new content being added every month.
Over 4 years of content to start!


Our workshop courses contain expertly crafted practical assignments, where you will get a chance to put your new skills to work and get personal feedback from Marla!


Ready to take you work to the next level? Personalized video critiques from Marla are available just for you!

Lesson PDFs

Each of our workshop courses and monthly subscription lessons contains beautifully illustrated downloadable PDF eBooks. Maximize your learning online and off!

Wide Variety of Online Learning Options

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Monthly Pastel Painting Lessons Online

My Flagship Subscription Offering

I’m excited to announce the unveiling of my new flagship instructional offering – Monthly Painting Lessons Online. There is a whole world of content for you to learn from and enjoy here, hundreds of hours worth, with new content coming every month. The ultimate online painting tutor serving up art lessons at home!


Online Workshops

In Depth Self-Paced Courses

Ready to take a deep dive and receive detailed instruction focusing on a wide variety of drawing and painting lesson topics? My Online Workshops have been carefully crafted to help you focus on and learn specific areas of painting in a structured, easy to follow, fun and rewarding format. I have painting classes and art classes covering drawing and sketching, pastels, watercolor, acrylic paints, oil painting and many new workshops are in the works, so stay tuned! There are painting lessons for beginners as well as advanced artists workshops.

Each Workshop Features

Video Critiques

Personalized Instruction

Looking to take the next step and receive feedback and guidance on your artistic process? The opportunity to gain reflection on your work from the perspective of a professional artist who has spent most of her life as a painter and teacher is not one to be missed.


As featured in many art books and journals

Marla’s talent, passion and educational focus has not gone unnoticed by the art community at large. She is also a sought after speaker and educator whose number one goal is to pass on her own knowledge and practice of beauty and joy to as many people as possible, including YOU!

Meet Your Teacher

Who is Marla Baggetta?

Marla is a renowned fine artist whose work has been displayed in galleries throughout the United States. She is a sought-after instructor and speaker, who travels the globe every year to teach workshops and inspire other artists. Marla’s passion for painting is evident in her beautiful pieces, which are bursting with color and life.

She launched this website several years ago with the purpose of making her teaching and inspiration available to all artists no matter where they are on their journey! Whether you are looking for pastel, oil, watercolor, drawing or acrylic painting classes, Marla has lessons just for you!

“Whether you are completely new to drawing or painting or looking to build on the foundation of knowledge you already have, these lessons are an exciting journey into the world of art. I’ll help you to gain confidence with any medium and learn to create dynamic works and paintings of any subject. You’ll learn my techniques for using loose, confident mark-making to convey energy, atmosphere and emotion as you paint, whether your chosen medium is pastel, acrylic, watercolor or oil!”

Marla Baggetta

Marla's Studio


As a professional artist and art instructor for over 35 years, I can honestly say art is my whole life. I spend most of my time in my studio – creating lessons and painting in pastels oils and acrylics, exploring a variety of quality art supplies. I love it all. The best part of my studio is walking in every day and seeing the rainbow of pastels in my palette. They still take my breath away.

This video offers a bit of a view into my studio and my working process behind the scenes. It is in this space that you will find me hard at work every day, conjuring new courses for my students and new paintings at the easel. With this new website I have the expressed intention of creating the best possible art lessons I can, as well as deepening my commitment to the craft. So get comfortable and take a look around at my palette of educational offerings.


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