Looking for Personalized Feedback on your art?


Marla's Video Critiques are a wonderful opportunity to receive personal feedback and guidance from the perspective a successful professional artist who is dedicated to sharing her gifts with you!

What's included in a Critique from Marla

Submit Your Work to Marla

Submit up to 3 images and a short paragraph detailing your intention and focus.

Receive Video Critique

Marla will reply (within 2 weeks) with a video critique tailored specifically to your needs as a growing artist.

Guidance and Next Steps

Additionally, you will receive a summary of key impressions as well suggestions for learning, and exercises/practices to follow which will ensure actionable results.

Play Video

What can you expect? Watch this sample critique!

“My objective when critiquing is to help you to see what’s working in a piece and build on that. Students tend to get stuck on particular areas of a piece rather than seeing it as a unified whole. Then we discuss any areas that need to be resolved. This is leads to a more positive, actionable approach to painting that allows you to gain needed skills much faster.”

Individualized Feedback is crucial for every developing artist

Whether you are a budding artist or a seasoned pro, there is nothing quite  like the opportunity to have a second set of eyes on your work. We are so deeply ingrained into our own particular points of view, it is often very hard to break free from our tunnel vision and see our work more objectively. With Marla’s eyes on your work you will be sure to gain deeply valuable insight and inspiration!

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