Online PAstel Painting Workshop with MArla Baggetta

Light and Shadow

Learn How To:
● Use the properties of light to create mood
● Create luminous shadows from dark photo reference
● Apply strategies for matching color in shadow
● Paint with tips for using the Form Principle
● Practice creating dramatic lighting effects
and more…

What's Included?

PDF - Workshop Guide

In-depth Instructional Ebook

Follow along with beautifully made step-by-step instructional PDF guide written and produced by Marla. I She explicitly organized all of these videos in a systematic and orderly way so you can achieve the maximum benefit in your paintings. Feel free to download and print this study guide.
Featuring 4

Technique Studies

I’ve presented a series of short videos that focus on the technical aspects of painting light and shadow. Then we’ll jump into a series of demonstrations and accompanying assignments that give you a chance to employ the principles and practice using them.

Watch the study videos. I recommend
skimming through them once and then prepare your supplies to do a “follow along” version of the piece presented. Copying the work of artists whose work you admire is a time-honored tradition amongst art students and teachers. Don’t feel awkward about it! You have my permission!

Featuring 5

In-Depth Assignments

I recommend that you do each assignment first using the provided reference then do your own version using your own source materials. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have along the way. After you’ve completed each assignment you can upload your images and get feedback from our vibrant community of committed learners. Most importantly, remember to enjoy the process. Keep in mind that these assignments are intended to help you expand and explore. So, have fun!
Join me for

Light & Shadow Online Workshop

We worked hard to bring you this advanced and in-depth study of this dynamic, elusive subject! It sports over 3.5 hours of video instruction, 4 studies, 5 assignments and peer sharing & reviews as you finish your assignments. This workshop is probably the most advanced that I’ve developed thus far and will provide you with technical information to help you create compelling and emotive art depicting any subject that inspires you.

The principles presented apply to everything in visible light. When we’re attracted to a subject, it’s usually not the actual “thing” itself, but the way the light falls on it that is inspiring to us. When light works its magic, creating mysterious shadows, sparkling iridescent highlights and nuanced reflected lights, even the most mundane scene can be transformed into one of infinite beauty. Personally, I’d much rather paint the way the light dances between some blades of grass than a grandiose mountain range. That’s why I’m always saying that it doesn’t matter what we are painting, whether it’s a lush landscape or a roll of paper towels, it can make a successful, beautiful painting. Mastering the principles presented will literally open up a new world for you where your skills and ideas can meet! I hope you’ll join us.

Join me for a 5-week in-depth exploration in this video workshop to learn how to influence the mood of your paintings by using the properties of light. Create luminous shadows from your photo reference and open the door to a nuanced understanding of the properties of light such as direction, strength and color. You’ll also follow along with me as I paint a landscape in pastel featuring a canopy of trees, a plein project, a figure in an interior and more. You’ll see my techniques for layering pastels, blending colors, and working dark to light in pastel. Learn valuable pastel techniques in this workshop!

Complete with four powerful studies and five start-to-finish demonstration assignments, this online workshop is for any artist who wants to take their pastel painting to the next level. Transform your pastel painting with my unique approach that will lead you to better, bolder results, as well as greater confidence and joy in the process.

A Wealth of Learning

Marla's Light & Shadow Workshop Teaches:

● Step-by-step demonstrations of how to paint light in pastel!
● Learn to use the properties of light to create mood
●  Strategies for matching color in shadow
● Learn to establish accurate patterns of light and shadow for stronger compositions
● How to create luminous shadows from dark photo reference
● Tips for using the Form Principle
● How to manage changing light
● Practice creating dramatic lighting effects
● Create the illusion of light on a pathway
● Practice painting indoor + outdoor light
and more…
"[Marla is] very attentive, to subject at hand with lots of great examples. I find Marla’s teaching approach relaxing direct and pragmatic. I like the fact, that resources are also provided in terms of books. Also, I like having a syllabus with materials and learning objectives, that were provided with my online course."
Denise Grossman
"I learned to be loose and expressive with my mark making. Marla's structured classes with handouts, video instruction and examples, various exercises as building blocks for the following projects, place to submit works in a student gallery and classmate critiquing all contribute to a wonderful and enjoyable way of learning."
Boise, Idaho
"[The workshop I completed] has given me so many techniques to explore and have fun with this new passion. Marla’s videos provides us with the needed instructions and guidance. Love that she always encourages us to have fun and explore what we can do."


As featured in many art books and journals

Marla’s talent, passion and educational focus has not gone unnoticed by the art community at large. She is also a sought after speaker and educator whose number one goal is to pass on her own knowledge and practice of beauty and joy to as many people as possible, including YOU!

Meet Your Teacher

Who is Marla Baggetta?

Marla is an incredibly talented fine artist who works with galleries throughout the US. Every year she travels the globe teaching workshops, speaking at art events to inspire other painters.

Recently she launched a new website to the public with the purpose of helping thousands of struggling artists to succeed.


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