Watercolor Sketching 2: Garden Journaling


Hi and welcome to Watercolor Sketching II – Garden Journaling, my new online workshop. I’m Marla Baggetta. I’ve been an artist and art instructor for over 30 years. I designed this workshop to help you get started drawing and painting, maybe for the first time or to help you finally dig deep into a sketchbook habit that you always promised yourself you’d do one day. We’ll focus on a subject that artists have long been inspired by – the garden. A garden is the perfect, relaxing, and beautiful subject to help you start up a sketching practice. A garden can be your backyard, pots on a patio, a friend’s vegetable patch. It doesn’t have to be complicated and I’ll help you to see even the most humble garden as a palette of subjects to choose from.

If you’ve ever told yourself that you couldn’t draw or paint because you don’t have “talent”, I’m here to tell you this is the biggest myth about making art and I hear it over and over again. I hear it from people who absolutely yearn for a creative outlet in their life. It’s their heart’s desire! I’m going to tell you that you don’t need talent; you need eyes, hands and an open heart. Rumi said, “Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”

With a few simple materials, some that you might already have (no intimidating materials list here!), you can get going making art and do it right in your backyard with no fuss or mess, painting the fascinating subject of the garden.

During this online workshop with over 9 hours of video and a 70 page illustrated study guide, I’ll take you step-by-step through basic color essentials. Then I’ll show you how to paint ordinary simple subjects from your garden and how to make them into special sketchbook pages. You really don’t need to go any further than your backyard or patio to find something to paint! Maybe even your kitchen window!

I’ll show you how to work from a photo and from life, how to design your pages and how to get into the sketchbook habit so before you know it you’ll be creating journals, putting memories down on paper, leaving a legacy and maybe even finding your inner artist! I narrate every demonstration so you’ll know exactly what I’m doing so you can follow along then practice the techniques on your own.

You’ll also be approved to join the Garden Journaling Facebook group, where you’ll find a friendly community of artists who are also taking the course to keep you motivated and inspired along the way.

You’ll have 24 hr. access to all of the videos, you can work at your own pace, safely from the comfort of your own home from any device for a seamless and modern online experience. We pride ourselves on tip quality video, instruction and customer support.

Join me now for Watercolor Sketching, Garden Journaling!

Watercolor Sketching 2: Garden Journaling

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