Color College


Color! What a wonderful and mysterious language it is! Unlock the keys to creating vibrant paintings with the powerful tools and concepts presented in this in depth course. Marla will bring to you a strong creative approach to color steeped in color theory with over 13 Hours of expert instruction and a 92 page printable study guide. 

I want students to have the freedom and confidence that comes with a deep foundational knowledge of color that can be employed with any media, from colored pencil to pastel to oil painting. I want you to be able to paint anything that you want, from realistic sunsets to imaginative fairy gardens or abstract compositions!  But chances are if you’re here, you want to bring more vibrancy, excitement, luminosity and maybe even whimsy to your color choices. Maybe you feel like you often make mud and don’t know why? And Maybe you feel like you can happen on some good color choices now and again but you aren’t’ consistent?  But maybe your knowledge of color holds you back.

I’ve decoded the mystery of color and I’ll share everything I’ve learned with you! I don’t hold anything back in this workshop. First, we hit the very basics and unpack them.Then we look at mixing and the best way to see and analyze color. I recommend the mixing practices even for pastelists so you might need to get some paint! Next is a deep dive into each aspect of color followed up with powerful exercises to give you vital practice with each concept. Then I’ll help you learn to orchestrate color as we look at established color schemes. These are a jumping off point to more unstructured and adventurous play with color in our final project.

Each video and exercise builds your understanding sequentially, laying a strong foundation so you can give voice to your own color story.

Color College

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