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Kitty and Friends


  • You’ll learn to paint animal eyes in pastel
  • How to paint layers of fur
  • How to draw an animal with shape and volume
  • How to create a bunny using a value under-painting
  • How to use fluid acrylics to create an effective under-painting
  • How to capture movement in pastel
  • How to paint paint details like whiskers and noses
  • And much more!

If you’re here, you must have an interest in painting animals that bark, meow and quack! In this course I’ll show you methods on how to capture these very special beings in pastel. Animals are an important and often, central part of our lives. Our pets love us unconditionally and we love them without question. Think about the world without them…

I got my start as an artist by being attracted to drawing animals. My favorite subjects were wild cats. Later in my career as an illustrator, I had the opportunity to work on a series of videos for Clifford the Big Red Dog and luckily was tasked with plenty of other projects that included animals.

I’m excited to introduce his workshop …Kitty and friends. Mabel and Kitty will be taking center stage along with a Mandarin duck, a sweet little bunny and a lovely hummingbird. This is a chance to have a fun, paint our best friends or our best friends, best friends…maybe even end up with a lovely gift to give someone special. Mostly, I want to step outside of our norm and play. Let’s paint some furry fluffy critters, some sparking eyes and some warm puppy bellies!!

We’ll be busting out our pastels to express our love for our friends and their unique beauty. As usual the fundamentals of painting and the elements of art, line, shape, value, color, texture and will be a part of our play and study of these lovely and familiar critters.

Five video demonstrations, study and suggestions for independent assignments make this a full and rich five-week study of our four legged and winged friends. You’ll get to see the best friends of your fellow students and share in the love! I hope you’ll join in the pastel fun!


Kitty and Friends

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