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Trees in Pastel


● Get comfortable depicting a wide variety of tree species
● Develop a mark making method to depict various the various species
● Gain all important mileage with eight in depth assignments
● Join a community for support and inspiration and to compare your own work
● Get 8+ hours of in depth pastel painting instruction

It’s here! I’m very excited about bringing the updated Trees in Pastel workshop to you! I originally spent 2 months months shooting over 7 hours of video instruction and just in March I added another hour of step by step video demonstration instruction. Plus there is a beautiful 29 page instructional PDF to guide you.

For this workshop, think of yourself as naturalist/artist. Think John Muir and Ansel Adams! Let yourself be enchanted by the diversity and magnificence of trees!

I live in the Pacific Northwest of the United States where we’re surrounded by an almost infinite variety of types of trees. Out my kitchen window is a layered backdrop of distant pines and cedars. Not far from my house is a bustling downtown with city blocks lined with heritage trees and just a bit farther afield one can walk amongst old growth forests filled with majestic pines and redwoods.

As I worked on this class I gained a greater appreciation for the region that I live in! Everywhere I go, I’m surrounded, supported and in awe of the beauty and power of trees! Without trees our landscape is not just uninviting, we wouldn’t have oxygen, shelter or shade naming just of few of the things trees provide for us. Trees are imbued with personality and gesture. They are enigmatic, elusive, yet rooted as individual living beings.

Join me for a 6-week in-depth exploration of pastel painting. Trees in Pastel is for both beginners considering using pastel for the first time and experienced artists who want to develop a mark-making method to depict the various species of trees.

Complete with eight powerful exercises and eight start-to-finish demonstrations, this online workshop is for any artist who wants to take their pastel painting to the next level. Transform your pastel painting with my unique approach that will lead you to better, bolder results, as well as greater confidence and joy in the process.


Trees in Pastel

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