Introducing Procreate Portrait Painting
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with Marla Baggetta

This is a 4 Day Live Zoom Workshop


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Class will be over 3 hours each day!
Class is Limited to 40 Students!

Looking to elevate your portrait painting skills and explore the world of digital art? Our 4-day Portrait Painting with Procreate workshop is the perfect opportunity to learn how to create stunning, lifelike portraits on your iPad. You’ll learn from Marla Baggetta, a master artist with over 35 years of experience, who will guide you through each step of the process.

On Day 1, you’ll dive into the basics of Procreate, learning how to set up your workspace, use the various tools and features, and create and organize layers. You’ll discover how to use the Apple Pencil to its full potential, as well as other useful gestures and shortcuts.

On Day 2, you’ll focus on the construction and proportion of the face, learning about the basic geometric shapes and proportions. You’ll also learn about the planes of the face, how to see them, and how to use them to create more realistic and lifelike portraits.

On Day 3, you’ll dive into painting with Procreate, learning how to use the features of the face to create beautiful, lifelike portraits. You’ll learn how to be creative and add unique elements to your portraits, and how to create more subtle variations in color and tone. You’ll also have the assignment to draw and paint your final portrait, applying all the skills you’ve learned throughout the workshop.

On Day 4, Marla will provide valuable feedback on your artwork during the critique. You’ll receive guidance on composition, drawing skills, painting technique, likeness, and creativity. 

By the end of the workshop, you’ll have a deep understanding of how to use Procreate to create beautiful, lifelike portraits, as well as the confidence and skills to continue developing your technique on your own. You’ll be able to create stunning artwork that captures the essence of your subjects.

Enroll today and explore the world of digital art with our expert guidance. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can elevate your portrait painting skills and create stunning artwork. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a master artist and take your artwork to the next level!

4 Days - Over 12 Hours of Live Instruction

Detailed Slides, Lessons + Demos

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Workshop Schedule

What you will learn each day of the workshop!

Day 1: April 3rd

Day 1 is all about getting set up for success. You’ll learn about Marla’s history with Procreate and portrait painting, the course schedule, and get tips for studying and staying focused. We will then focus on iPad + Procreate basics, where you’ll learn how to use the various tools and features, including drawing and painting techniques. By the end of Day 1, you’ll be comfortable using Procreate on your iPad and ready to explore your creativity in portrait painting

Day 2: April 5th

Marla will review the basics of portrait painting, then guide you through constructing a portrait using geometric shapes and basic proportions of the face. You’ll learn about the planes of the face and how to use that knowledge to create realistic portraits. Marla will demonstrate tracing techniques and the “head on ball” exercise, then help you apply techniques from famous portrait painter Sargent to your own artwork. By the end of Day 2, you’ll have a solid foundation in portrait construction and be well on your way to creating lifelike portraits.

Day 3: April 7th

On Day 3, you’ll start creating beautiful portraits with Procreate! Marla will teach you how to paint basic features and then move on to more complex elements like hair and skin. You’ll learn different brush settings, layering techniques, and blending modes for depth and dimension. Marla will encourage you to be creative and add unique elements. By the end of the day, you’ll have a guide to complete your own portrait for the final assignment and be well on your way to creating lifelike artwork with Procreate.

Day 4: April 10th

Day 4 is all about critique. Marla will evaluate your composition, drawing accuracy, painting technique, likeness, and creativity. You’ll receive feedback on how to improve your skills and create better portraits. By the end of the critique, you’ll have a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses as an artist and valuable insights to help you develop your portrait painting skills.

Procreate Portrait Paintings

a Live Zoom Workshop

Get started mastering Procreate Portraits in this incredible Live Online Zoom Workshop!

Beautifully Designed Presentation

Decades of Experience Teaching Live Workshops!

In Depth Theory and Guidance

Marla isolates the complex principles of painting and investigates them practically and simply so any student can comprehend and execute even the most difficult problems. Moving from simple to more involved concepts, each lesson builds on the previous so you’ll gain a sound foundation to further your study and practice of digital painting with Procreate.

Step by Step Demonstrations

Marla guides you through the time-tested fundamentals step by step, stroke by stroke from the very beginning stages of a drawing to the finish line in a logical and enjoyable path. Marla  stresses the need to develop your own judgement and individual voice as an artist.

A Lifetime of Artist Experience
At Your Fingertips

Over 35 years as a professional artist and teacher

Stunning Artwork, Photographs and Illustration

Following Marla's Instruction is a Pleasure and A Breeze
thanks to Creative and Beautiful Design

Marl a Has Thousands of Satisfied Students

What people say?

I was both stimulated and excited at the prospect of taking on a totally new medium. I adored the class work and the interaction with other students. I hope to take another class soon and I feel I have learned a great deal in”mark making” and with a new medium upon which to play. Thanks, Marla!
Santa Fe
I have been so impressed with your online painting lessons. You put so much work into presenting the concepts clearly with your teaching, examples, and demos. There is so much content on your site and I’m still scratching the surface of your offerings but I feel that every exercise you suggest helps me grow in depth and breadth. Thank you for your commitment (and perfectionism) to giving us the best learning experience.

World Class Online Instruction

Like having a teacher In the Room with you, no matter where you are

Fun and Easeful Instruction

With a lifetime of experience as an artist and educator, Marla brings an unparalleled combination of joy and wisdom directly to your home. We have worked hard to offer beautiful and clear video instruction, providing valuable education and insight, that will keep you inspired for months and even years.

Up Close and Personal on the IPad

Following along while learning has never been easier! The demonstration view shows the progress of each painting, the reference photo and thumbnail when appropriate, so you get to see how each piece is built from start to finish. Marla narrates her progress in real time as she is painting, so you won’t miss a thing!

Procreate Portrait Paintings​

A 4 Day Intensive Live Zoom Workshop

Get started mastering Procreate Portaitsl with this incredible Online Workshop!

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you stay organized and on track throughout the workshop, we’ve created a handout that includes all the information you need, including  the zoom link for the course as well as links to resources, and other materials. Please check your email for the handout and make sure to have it handy each day.

You need to log into the Zoom to participate in the workshop so you will need a laptop or desktop that has a webcam and microphone as well as an internet connection. You will also need an iPad and an Apple Pencil to participate in the workshop. We will be using the Procreate app, so please make sure to download and install it before the workshop starts. Additionally, make sure that your iPad and Apple Pencil are charged and in good working condition.
We’re here to help you make the most of the workshop, but please note that we cannot provide assistance with your iPad or other digital devices. If you’re having technical difficulties or need help setting up your device, please contact the manufacturer or a tech support service. For all other questions, please contact us at support@paintinglessonswithmarla.com.
Yes, please mark your calendar with the correct dates and times and log in on time each day. The class will begin promptly at 12pm PST on each day.

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Easy To Follow

Our Site has been carefully designed to be easy to follow. Our simple learning system tracks your progress and takes out the hassle, allowing you to focus on panting!

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