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Introducing Loosen Up + Let Go
New Dates Added!

A Live Workshop at Marla Baggetta's Home Studio

This is a 3 Day Live In-Person Workshop

DATES: September 27-29, 9am-5pm

LOCATION: Marla's Studio in Milwaukie, Oregon

 Workshop is Limited to 12 Students

NOTE: We are also holding a Plein Air and Personal MEntoring Workshop the same week and you are encouraged to Attend Both!

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Welcome to Marla Baggetta’s “Loosen Up + Let Go” pastel workshop, a much-anticipated event marking Marla’s first in-person instruction in over four years. Set in the intimate environment of Marla’s personal studio, this unique experience invites both beginner and experienced artists to expand their creative language through a series of exercises, demonstrations, and individual mentoring.

Throughout this transformative journey, participants will have the opportunity for one-on-one interactions with Marla, benefiting from her decades of experience. You’ll explore abstract design, risk-taking, and mark-making, learning to see through the lens of a poet and not a novelist. With Marla’s belief in the transformative power of painting, this workshop goes beyond teaching techniques—it unlocks a pure, honest, and joyful approach to art-making.

Join Marla Baggetta in this enriching workshop and get an insider’s view of her creative process and space. Embrace the pace, the challenge, the fun, and unlock your unique creative potential. This workshop is a blend of learning, growth, and an affirmation of painting as a uniquely human and transformative act.

Course Contents

Each chapter focuses on a Study or a Step By Step Demo

Day 1:
Making Room for Something New

Day 1 sets the stage by “Making room for something new.” After a unique introduction, Marla offers an inaugural critique, providing participants a constructive baseline from which to grow and learn. Engage in thoughtful exercises, from the playful “Apple a Day!” to the exploration of Carlson’s Theory of Angles. Under Marla’s guidance, you’ll distill images, create a necessary Value Scale, and apply those values to your work. Post-lunch, color theory comes alive through practical application and variation exercises. The day rounds up with a demonstration and critique, reminding us that the journey of art is not about speeding forward, but embracing a steady, enlightening pace.

Day 2:
Seeds of New Growth

Day 2, themed “Seeds of new growth,” begins with inspiration and demonstrations on various starting techniques. After lunch, delve into the essentials of composition, and engage with the vibrant exercise of ‘Feisty Color/Moody Color’. Learn to optimize your references and benefit from Marla’s insightful critique at the day’s end.

Chapter 3:
Hold Onto Gems and Grow

Day 3 emphasizes on “Holding onto the gems and growing”. An inspiring session leads into a demonstration on maintaining an artistic rhythm, followed by guidance on achieving a strong finish. Post-lunch, a surprise exercise awaits, followed by a discussion on future prospects, culminating in a final critique and heartfelt goodbyes.

A Lifetime of Artist Experience

Over 30 years as a professional artist and teacher

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t worry about the supplies needed for the workshop. We’ll be sending out an email with a comprehensive list of all the supplies you’ll need. Please keep an eye on your inbox so you’ll be fully prepared for the workshop.

Given the intimate nature of this workshop, limited to only 12 students, our refund policy is as follows: We are able to process refunds up until the end of July. This allows us to ensure that every spot is filled and that the workshop can run smoothly. After this date, we are unable to provide refunds due to the costs associated with planning and securing resources for the event. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with this policy.

If you need assistance finding accommodation or deciding where to eat during your stay, please contact our support team. We’re more than happy to provide local recommendations to suit your needs.

We have a daily lunch break during the workshop and suggest packing a meal for convenience. However, if you prefer to purchase your lunch, we can also recommend local eateries where you could grab a quick bite. Feel free to reach out to us for more details.

In Person Workshop in Marla's Garden Side Studio!

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