Foliage and trees can appear pretty complicated, so as not to get overwhelmed it’s important to remember the overarching forms or shapes that make up everything. Sometimes, I forget!

We can simplify even the most complex forms down to the basic shapes. If we then keep in mind the light source (the sun), it’s direction we can make it easier for ourselves.

With some types of foliage it’s pretty easy…
Other’s, especially wispy airy foliage masses get a little tricky. But keeping in mind, they are simply forms in space, can help us determine to the elemental shapes and avoid getting distracted by the details.

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Painting Minilessons
with Marla Baggetta

These “mini-lessons” grew out of my blog. I love sharing my experience behind the easel, so these are free. I write a new one every two or three weeks, so please feel free to share with artist friends.

​These lessons are mostly written text with graphics…short but useful tidbits from the foundations of painting that touch on subjects such as aerial perspective, simultaneous contrast or using negative spaces. I guide you through different aspects of painting and art that will get you comfortable with using pastels. You’ll gain confidence to attempt work that you might have otherwise been timid about.

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