Color interaction and reaction: I thought I would be taking a break while moving from mini-lessons, but as it turned out, the lesson came and found me despite my best efforts!

I got the keys to my new house in my hands. The first thing that I wanted to do, was paint a couple rooms before the movers arrived. I had only two days and two rooms that I really wanted to get done if I possibly could. They are small rooms; one a bedroom and one an office. One room was painted a medium light blue and the other a bright lemony yellow. I wanted to paint both rooms the same soft muted yellow.

I began with the blue bedroom. As I started in on  the edging, the soft muted yellow that I’d chosen looked way  too bright! Yikes, what had I done. I kept going anyway, more for lack of time than confidence in my choice. The more I covered up the blue, the softer and greyer my pretty yellow became.

By the time I’d finished I loved it! Perfect.

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